Kevin Sorbo interview Comic Conroe with Mombierella

Kevin Sorbo interview Comic Conroe with Mombierella Got the chance to meet Kevin Sorbo and talk to him one on one ina short insight interview and enjoy one of my favorite movies in the same night. It was a great time. Though I think Kevin Sorbo may think I am stalking him. 😂 I wanted to talk to him when he arrived at Comic Conroe so everyone knew he had arrived and found myself a bit tongue tied 😅 But he was so nice. I was a fan of Hercules the Legendary Journey series for sure but his movies have changed our lives. I wish I could have gone to the next night with him and a showing from the Hercules series but I was unfortunately already booked. Big thanks to Comic Conroe for this event and Kevin Sorbo for being so nice and talking with us. Kevin David Sorbo is an American actor. He had starring roles in two television series: as Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and as Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda. he was even in an episode of our favorite detective show Psych 🍍 Sorbo is also known for acting in many films movies such as God's Not Dead, Soul Surfer and Let There Be Light. Many films he has been in have Christian themes and are among my personal favorites

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