Churches Of All Sizes Should Support Faith-Based Films In Today’s Anti-Christian Culture, Kevin Sorbo Says

Actor Kevin Sorbo encouraged all Christian churches to unite in the public sphere by supporting "faith-based and God-glorifying films" in a world with an increasing hostility against Christianity. In an interview on Abby Johnson's hit podcast, "Politely Rude," he said that "80% of the time, people who recognize him in public would politely ask for him to make more movies like" God's Not Dead." "It's amazing - pastors will stop me and say, 'You can reach so many people. I'm a pastor of a small church.' And I go, 'I don't care how small your church is. We need your support," he said. He goes on that any of his movies cost between $3 and $4 million. "That's the catering budget on 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or 'Avengers.' Those are $300 million movies," he pointed out. "The only way we can get these [faith-based films] out there is if we have the magic that we had for 'God's Not Dead,' where a $2 million budget makes $140 million movie. That was powerful word of mouth, and we need that. We need churches of all sizes to say 'Hey, go see these movies.'" Full Article here:

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