Middle of a Love Storry

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 SAM (PART 1) “I know where I'm going to get married.” And I'm like, “Really?” Because that's first date conversation... THE FIRST KISS Kevin and I met on the set of Hercules, and I was late because the volcano spewed too much ash and so they wouldn't let our plane land. I was a day late. And the director said, “Hey, I really think we should do a read through. And since you missed the whole read through with everybody, we'll just do a read through with you and Kevin.” And so I met Kevin privately in the director's apartment. It was pretty cool. I could tell there was something special about him. And then the first day on set was the goodbye scene, with the kissing. We were on set and we were, like, saying our lines. And you just sort of say, “And then we kiss, right?” Then we kiss and then we go back to our lines. And he was losing his lines, losing his place in the scene, and forgetting things. And part of me was like, “This is terribly unprofessional.” But for him it was really hard, because he's very professional and he never forgets his lines. And I remember turning to Michael [Hurst], who played Iolaus, his sidekick, and saying, “Michael, help me out here.” And Michael goes, “I'm not touching this. Don't even, like, don't bother.” [Motions saying ‘no’] 

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