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'Against The Tide' with Kevin Sorbo, John Lennox

Information and Trailer here:   ‘Against the Tide’ trailer exclusive: Kevin Sorbo, John Lennox on finding God in an age of science - The Christian Post

Climate Hustle 2

Intro Trailer Climate Hustle 2 looks at both popular scientific claims surrounding climate change and examines motivations of those clamoring for immediate action. Featuring leading scientists, politicians and policy experts, and hosted by actor Kevin Sorbo, the film showcases many instances of Hollywood hypocrisy, financial corruption, media bias, classroom indoctrination, political correctness and other troubling matters surrounding the global warming issue.

Kevin Sorbo at The Return

Kevin Sorbo of the 'GOD's Not Dead' and 'Let There Be Light' movies joins White House journalist Dr. Anthony Harper of the InterMountain Christian News at The Return event in Washington, D.C. Saturday September 26, 2020. Check out his web site:

RT America Interview With Kevin Sorbo

 Watch here: (167) Who Are The Parents Of The Sexualized Kids In "Cuties"? - YouTube

Kevin Sorbo in new film exposing climate alarmism’s agenda of control

Actor and director Kevin Sorbo is taking on the climate change alarmists. Sorbo, of ‘Hercules’ and ‘Andromeda’ fame, now stars in Climate Hustle 2, a film exposing the activists capitalizing off of stoking global warming fears. The movie also features the skeptical climate scientists who call out the alarmists only to be maligned as “deniers” by the media. Kevin Sorbo joins The Andrew Lawton Show to talk about this project, plus Hollywood hypocrisy and media bias. Climate Hustle 2 premieres Thursday at 8:00pm. Streaming tickets are available at

Dan Ball Interview With 'Hercules' and Actor, Kevin Sorbo


Climate Change or A Climate Hustle?

Climate Change or A Climate Hustle? Kevin Sorbo Tells Dr. Chaps About His New Film Climate Hustle 2 What Is A Climate Hustle? Kevin Sorbo Tells Dr. Chaps About What The Hustle Is All About. Also, Are The Police To Blame for Unrest In The US? Kevin Sorbo Discuses Bleeding Blue & Lastly, A Global Return To The Lord Is Coming, Kevin Sorbo Tells Us About The Return

Kevin and Sam Sorbo Speaking At 'The Return' Event - Watch Live Stream - 25/26 September

 Kevin is speaking on Friday 25th, Sam on Saturday 26th, and prayer together on Saturday... All information here: The Return | National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance

RT America - Interview with Kevin Sorbo

 Video here: Who Are The Parents Of The Sexualized Kids In "Cuties"? - YouTube

Ep 9 - How To Attract Hollywood Talent with a Screenplay Feat - Kevin Sorbo

 Listen here: Ep - 9 How to Attract Hollywood Talent with a Screenplay Feat. Kevin Sorbo | The Successful Screenwriter with Geoffrey D Calhoun: Screenwriting Podcast

'Faith Under Fire' Trailer Premiere

Information here: ‘Faith Under Fire’ trailer premiere: Film offers message ‘we need now more than ever,’ says Kevin Sorbo - The Christian Post

700 Club Interview with Kevin Sorbo

 Video here: Kevin Sorbo discusses doing everything with "True Faith" |

Thrive Time Show Interview with Kevin Sorbo

Listen and watch here:   Kevin Sorbo (Star of Hercules) | What We Need to Do to Save America

Bleeding Blue

 Information here: Bleeding Blue Hollywood Gets RUDE Awakening

Climate Hustle 2 Live Online 24th September 8.00pm

 Information here: Climate Hustle 2

'Against The Tide' On The Big Screen 19th November

Information here: