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Kevin And Sam Sorbo on Cycles of Faith with Paul R Oebel

Faith Unveiled Network Our guests today, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules and God's Not Dead) and his wife, Sam (Let There Be Light) share their projects with us. Kevin just completed a documentary titled Against The Tide, while Sam is promoting her new book titled True Faith.

SAM SORBO ERMUTIGT «Es ist keine Raketenwissenschaft!»

Die Schauspielerin Sam Sorbo erteilt ihren Kindern bereits seit Jahren Schulunterricht zuhause. Durch die Coronakrise trifft dies nun plötzlich weltweit unzählige Haushalte. Sam Sorbo ermutigt, gemeinsam mit den Kindern an dieser Aufgabe zu wachsen. Sam Sorbo mimte Prinzessin Kirin in der TV-Reihe «Hercules», daneben spielte sie in zahlreichen Filmen mit. Nun ermutigt sie die Familien, die durch die Coronakrise gezwungen sind, ihre Kinder daheim zu unterrichten: «Eure Verantwortung als Eltern besteht darin, die natürliche Neugier eures Kindes zu wecken. Und es zum Lernen zu ermutigen... Ihr müsst nicht alles wissen.» Worte, mit denen sie Druck von den Betroffenen nimmt. Sam Sorbo unterrichtet gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann  Kevin Sorbo («Hercules», «God's not dead»)  ihre drei Kinder schon seit Jahren daheim. «Es ist eigentlich keine Raketenwissenschaft.» Man müsse sich nicht wegen dem eigenen Wissensstand fürchten, stattessen kann man «neben» den Kindern lernen. Mehr hier

Kevin Sorbo - Against the Tide | The Meeting House on Faith Radio - NRB 2020

From Faith Radio/Meeting House Media Central at the 2020 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, actor Kevin Sorbo discussed a variety of his most recent projects, including a projected release that traces the life of noted Christian apologist John Lennox called, "Against the Tide." This is taken from that conversation. His website is

FedCon 2019 Kevin Sorbo Panels

Premiere am 16.06.2020 Premiere am 19.06.2020

Bransoncon Audio Interview with Kevin Sorbo and David Eddings

This year the Press Interviews at BransonCon were a little different but still fun. Here is the audio from Press interview with David Eddings (voice of Claptrap- Boarderlands) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Andromeda). They started with David but they added Kevin onto the same couch with David. It was an interesting combination which lead to several great stories. This is a behind the scene look (or listen) for Kevin Sorbo and David Eddings.

Actress Sam Sorbo homeschools — and she's sharing her tips that she hopes will save parents' sanity while schools are closed

Actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo homeschool their kids, and the two outspoken Christian performers have gained a plethora of wisdom along the way. More here:

Official News from Kevin and Sam Sorbo

In celebration of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary (January 5) and the February 14th release of our new book  TRUE FAITH: Embracing Adversity to Live in God's Light , we were inspired to create a Mini Devotional as a gift just for you! more here:

Kevin Sorbo Interview with Bill Martinez

Click on the link - scroll down to Hour 2 - Kevin comes in about 46 minutes: March 18, 2020 | Bill Martinez Live

Sam Sorbo YouTube Channel

Click on the link for Sam's YouTube Channel: Sam Sorbo - YouTube

Ep.237: NRB 2020 Backstage Pass Interview Kevin & Sam Sorbo

Watch or listen here: EPISODE 237: NRB 2020 Backstage Pass (Part One) featuring Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, and Ashley Bratcher | Twelve:Thirty Media

Kevin Sorbo Q & A/Throomers

Read here: Kevin Sorbo Q&A | Throomers