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Kevin, Sam and Braeden Sorbo at Steamboat Institute Film Festival

Steamboat Institute Film Festival - The Steamboat Institute Celebrating individual freedom, personal responsibility, the entrepreneurial American spirit, and the inspiration of faith and family through film The Steamboat Institute proudly announces its film festival line-up for the  11th Annual Freedom Conference & Film Festival August 22-24, 2019 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Read descriptions and details about each movie below.

Miracle in East Texas at Anthem Film Festival and Interview

Anthem Film Festival | The Libertarian Film Festival Kevin Sorbo talks about his career in Hollywood. We’re looking for the year’s best films about personal and civil liberty.  We seek movies and documentaries about self-reliance, innovation, entrepreneurship, individual rights, and the triumph of persuasion over force. Libertarian films often point out the unintended consequences of government intervention, but they’re just as likely to be about a protagonist’s personal struggle for self-expression or self-reliance. Libertarian stories can be found in any family, community, or industry. Our best heroes create their own paths; they don’t conform to the expectations of others. When something goes wrong, they fix it themselves. When something goes right, they give credit where it’s due. Libertarian films show us how to make the world a better place simply by making our own lives better. Anthem Film Festival Exclusive Interview: Kevin and Sam Sorbo on ‘Miracle in East Texa

Kevin and Sam Sorbo's Schedule FreedomFest 2019

Kevin Sorbo - FreedomFest 2019 Sam Sorbo - FreedomFest 2019