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KEVIN SORBO (HERCULES) / Austria Comic Con 2019 Panel, Sunday


KEVIN SORBO & SAM SORBO (HERCULES) / Austria Comic Con 2019 Panel, Saturday


Kevin Sorbo Q & A Panel Dublin Comic Con

Kevin Sorbo Q&A panel Dublin Comic Con 2019 UNCUT - YouTube

'Hercules' Actor Kevin Sorbo 'Completely Blacklisted' by Hollywood

Kevin Sorbo says he's 'blacklisted' by Hollywood for being Christian 'Hercules' actor Kevin Sorbo: 'Completely blacklisted' for being Christian in Hollywood Anna Lee   The Greenville News Updated 2:54 PM EST Dec 10, 2019 Hollywood is not kind to Christian actors like Kevin Sorbo, he said.  “I’ve been completely blacklisted,” Sorbo said.  The actor, producer and director is probably best known for his role as Hercules in the popular 1990s television show “Hercules: The Incredible Journeys.” About 10 years ago, Sorbo said he decided to go public with his faith. He was raised in a religious family and had always been a Christian; he just didn't wear it on his sleeve.  “My wife warned me. She said, ‘This is going to hurt your career,'’’ Sorbo said Tuesday night at a reception in Greenville.  Looking back, he thinks she was right.  Sorbo spoke to The Greenville News briefly before appearing on stage for a fundraising event to benefit

'Let There Be Light' in UK Cinemas from 19th April | Let There Be Light

International Christian Film & Music Festival

Come out and meet Kevin and Sam Sorbo. Their film "Miracle in East Texas" is premiering Video:

'Miracle in East Texas' at ICFF, Orlando, May 2nd

ICFF Promo 2019 - YouTube International Christian Film Festival   - Website

Miracle in East Texas at Houston's International Film Festival

Houston's international film festival unspools 200 movies and stars - CultureMap Houston What to see at WorldFest Houston -