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Thanks to Kevin for sending!!! 24.02.2021 Amy Holmes Article here: Kevin Sorbo Hercules vs. Goliath: Actor, film producer Kevin Sorbo’s Facebook battle. Kevin Sorbo, star of the hit television series “Hercules,” space odyssey “Andromeda,” and Christian fan favorite, “God’s Not Dead,” has been disappeared by the speech police. Without warning, Facebook banished the actor/producer’s popular Facebook page with 500,000 fans. “I don’t know who these lefty trolls are…,” he tells Die Weltwoche. “They can come after anybody at any time.” He’s played Hercules, son of Zeus, the king of gods. He’s led thrilling deep space adventures as “Captain Dylan Hunt” of the “Andromeda.” But not even television action hero and Christian film star Kevin Sorbo can escape Facebook’s internet tyranny and social media black hole. Two weeks ago, with no explanation or warning, the global platform deleted Sorbo’s popular Facebook page which boasted half a million followers. Earlier this month, the onlin

KEVIN SORBO, Film Producer and Actor | RIGHT NOW S8 Ep12 | NRN+

RIGHT NOW Spotlight with Kevin Sorbo on his Facebook ban last Friday and current/upcoming film, including "Faith Under Fire." RIGHT NOW is our NRN+ Flagship Interview Series/Podcast, where New Right Network interviews conservative politicos and people of interest. RIGHT NOW AMA adds live viewer questions to the interview. Right Voice. Right Now. Kevin Sorbo is a film producer, director, and actor who recently co-produced and released the film "Faith Under Fire." He's producing or acting in about 12 films which are in different phases of production. - Aired on February 15, 2021

Kevin Sorbo - Trail Blazers and ConFlix Studios


Actor Kevin Sorbo on Super Bowl restrictions amid coronavirus pandemic

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Sam and Kevin Sorbo on with Joe Pinion

Joe had Kevin and Sam to discuss "speciesism" and other made-up or stolen words, and Sam's new book on the topic! Don't let the tech fascists keep us apart - Be sure to sign up for emails! or Get the book Words for Warriors on Sam's website, Walmart, B&N or Amazon.

Kevin Sorbo and Climate Hustle 2

We talk with Kevin Sorbo about his latest project: Climate Hustle 2 and the globalist agenda to eliminate the sovereignty of countries.

Kevin and Sam Sorbo - Museum of the Bible